Oilfield Backhoe Services

Excavating Work

Oilfield Backhoe Services

When you need to handle heavy-duty construction and heavy machinery, trust the experts at Permian Anchors. Permian Anchors is proud to provide a wide range of backhoe services to people in Odessa, TX; Midland, TX; and the surrounding areas. We keep safety in the forefront of our business practices, and we always adhere to current regulations and standards to remain compliant with state and local laws.

Although renting a backhoe or other heavy machinery is always an option for contracting companies, that doesn’t always mean it is a good idea. Many times the machinery you need is more complicated to operate than you may be led to believe. Plus, without trained and experienced operators on hand, it can be nearly impossible to finish your backhoe and excavating work. 

Our Services 

• Oil Spill Cleanup • Building Containment Walls for Battery Sites • Back Drag Location • Digging Up High Pressure Lines • Environmental Remediation
• Removal & Replacement of Contaminated Soil • Area Clearing and Leveling • Hydraulic Hammer Service • Hydraulic Ditch Compactor
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When you enlist our experienced contractors, you can rest assured you’re getting the best service possible. We know how to get your job done safely and efficiently from start to finish. Our professional backhoe services will help you avoid costly repairs and liability.  

Call us today at (281) 438-4670 for an estimate. 
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